Suburban Punk Memory Wallpaper (2012) 


Suburban Punk Memory Wallpaper is the first in a series of performance-based painting installations using memorized lyrics as source material.  

SPMW examines the ways in which pre-web countercultures located (and were located by) their publics through the dissemination of music, text and image. Received and sent like sympathetic dispatches between unknown interlocutors, the aesthetics of subcultural production before the internet were inscribed with a radical political imagination that both constructed - and was constructed by - its subjects.

This installation of the work includes a tape recording of the artist singing Green Day’s “Welcome to Paradise” at Six Flags in 1994.


This House is Not a Home, Southside Hub of Production, Chicago IL

“Fortunately, much of the weaker work is hidden away up on the third floor, but so is some of the best. Matt Joynt tucks a furious moment of teenage angst away in a closet, re-appropriating a punk style stolen by high fashion.” - Lori Waxman, Chicago Tribune