World as Text (2011)
John Preus, Theaster Gates, Tadd Cowen & Matt Joynt



All speech can be considered a form of quotation, more or less successful attempts to authentically inhabit an existing collection of terms, clichés, and ready-to-hand expressions.  And similarly, all objects could be considered temporary iterations of an epic material morphology. The edifice of language derives much of its vocabulary from the physical world, in turn, lending it intelligibility, significance, meaning, and articulation.  Imagining the built environment as a set of inscriptions upon an inherited landscape, the Reading Room explores the complex interdependencies of language and form. - John Preus

Translating “material morphology” sonically, the World as Text performance includes the de/reconstruction of sampled recordings and live improvisation within the context of the reading room as exhibition.


World as Text, Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago IL